Keeping your kit clean outdoors is essential. Don’t forget your UltraGrime Clothwipes to save time whilst you are out and about. Bigger, wetter and stronger than regular wipes, use them with the confidence that you are not damaging the environment due to the fully biodegradable properties of these Clothwipes.

100% Biodegradable


  • Wipe out grime on tents, boots, bags, tools, vehicles, cooking kit & sports equipment.
  • Deal with mud, spills, ground-in grease & dirt.
  • Tough on grime, kind to the environment – 100% biodegradable.
  • Hand & surface safe.

The beauty is in the cloth-like fabric that won’t rip or deteriorate during use. Plus, these wipes stay wetter and usable for longer than any other wipe, so you can go from one mess to the next with ease. Forget about costly cleansing solutions and wimpy paper towels and go for the wipes made to do it all.



  • 80 XXL+ Clothwipes – 38cm x 25cm. Double the Size of Common Wipes
  • Stays wet and usable for over 60 minutes – most dry out in 5-10 minutes
  • Don’t dry out when lid is left open for days – try it for a week!
  • Flexible, recyclable packaging for less waste
  • Hand safe & safe to use on all surfaces-kind to hands and surfaces
  • Dispenses one wipe at a time
  • Large absorbency capacity
  • 100% biodegradable to EN14046


Suitable for use on all surfaces around the home and outdoors, these wipes can be used for all sorts of dirt and grime cleaning.

Deal with the Daily Grime with the right tools for the job!


Use these huge wipes keep your camping kit clean and dirt-free. Safe on all surfaces, this will prolong the life of your kit and keep it looking its best.


Specially designed to lift mud and dirt from surfaces, these wipes are ideal for keeping your sports equipment clean and ready for action. From trainers and boots to bats and clubs, make sure you’re always match ready.


These wipes are 100% biodegradable within 6 months, according to EN14046. This means you can use them with the confidence they will have minimal impact on the environment when disposed of correctly.


Great for cleaning up oil, grease, fuel and dirt when working outdoors – huge size, super absorbent & safe on skin! Watch our video here